VGC Control

The economical ‘VGC’ is a complete variable position controller for an electrically operated R&P slide gate. The ‘VGC’ can be used with either a TENV or IIG 1/2 HP 3 phase motor and is fast acting with ample power. A gate with a ‘VGC’ uses intrinsically safe inductive sensors in place of the mechanical switches. It is useful for pit gates, bin discharge to reclaim conveyor, dryer feed control, and bypass metering gates, or anywhere a metered gate is desired. There is also a special setting for gates that only operate fully open or closed.

The VGC is designed around the fact that plant automation is becoming a necessity instead of just a convenience. The UIO sits between the PLC and multiple EDI distributor and/or VGC gate controls. The UIO then talks directly to PLCs using a serial or Ethernet connection. Many PLC protocols are supported so that operation of the Gate is performed without writing a single rung of PLC code. Most importantly, any error information is communicated from each VGC Control to the PLC so the necessary remedial action may be taken.

See UIO Documentation Below for more details.

Name Type Size

VGC Controller

VGC-V3 Installation manual 0 bytes
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VGC-V2 Installation manual 0 bytes
VGC-V2 Operator manual 0 bytes
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Univerasal I/O

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